Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repent While Ye May

A couple of weeks ago I sent my dad the link for these two YouTube clips. Parodies are almost never funny (I'm peeking at you, MadTV), but these did cause a chuckle to escape ("OK, can we get some of those pills that Cindy McCain stole from that charity?").

Here's my dad's response. Seriously.

Dear Liberal Young Person:

Gay marriage is evil.

Using marijuana is evil under all circumstances—use alcohol like the rest of us. May I recommend Vodka?

Cindy McCain has a lot of pain due to her glamorous hair style and having to have heterosexual relations with a fossil—thankfully they’re married (even though it got off to an adulterous start, more pills please). Stealing from a charity is an oxymoron since: a) everything they have is donated; and, b) they give everything away anyway so WTF?

Shut up and read your Bible, if you can read. Repent while ye may.

Holier than thou,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When You're in Texas, Look Behind You

It's pretty easy to make lazy jokes about Chuck Norris—especially after his star turn as spokesninja for Mike Huckabee. Norris is this close to taking over the reins as Default Punchline from Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman. (Listen, dudes, I know you think it's funny to informally refer to David Hasselhoff as "The 'Hoff" or get t-shirts made of that fateful meeting between Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman, but I assure you that is not the case.)

That said, there is a piece of comedy that is right under America's noses that we are choosing to ignore. It is called Walker, Texas Ranger, and it deserves some attention.


You might be wondering why Gary Busey tried to murder that Special Person with his bare hands. That is a ridiculous question.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Old News from the Interwebs

It's official, nerds! Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are making a new show for HBO:

Odenkirk and Cross co-wrote the project, which will star Cross as himself. He leaves Hollywood to move into a suburban, gated community where he has two roommates, a right-wing conservative and a liberal hippie.

More here.

And it's not a minute too soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

GQ Wants You to Die Alone

Do you know what they're marketing as men's footwear these days?

(Um, this shoe also comes in a boot.)

Fellows, I'll never complain about my 80 cents to your dollar ever again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Fluffington

Do you ever catch yourself on Petfinder looking at pictures of precious kitties?


Well, allow me to introduce you to Baby Fluffington:


He needs a good home. R U DA HOME?

Baby Fluffington not really your scene? Why not try expert snuggler Scrappy Pants or my semi-formal friend Mr. Downtown?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Ironic!

There was an article about Meghan McCain in the latest issue of GQ (which I read religiously due to my love of vaginas and my interest in getting closer to them). Some highlights include:

Meghan’s parents, Senator John and Cindy McCain, bought her this loft around the time she graduated from Columbia University last spring, and the interior looks like a spaceship furnished by West Elm. There’s a giant silver chimney that extends out of her fireplace into the ceiling about twenty feet above. Across the living room is a very stylish and very uncomfortable-looking pod chair. And then there’s Meghan’s prized tchotchke of the moment: a skull that, when you open its mouth, reveals a clock.

“You like it, right?” she asks, opening it for me. “Because I told my friends I’d throw it away if the GQ guy didn’t like it. I totally love it, though! It’s ironic!”

Not to mention:

“He’s a rock star,” she says of [Barack Obama]. “Everybody flipped out, but I think universally women find him attractive. Whatever.”

By the time we arrive at Garduño’s, the discussion has moved on to the Romney brothers’ dad, Mitt. It’s two days after he suspended his run, and we’re trying to puzzle out why voters never really got around to liking the guy.

“Mitt didn’t keep it real,” Meghan says, munching on a nacho chip.
She graduated from Columbia.

More of Meghan McCain's stunning genius can be found here and of course here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's so Hard

Our blog is in its infancy. And it's not easy being a baby.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Holla ho, Curtis!

Hello, this is the blog of Lindy and Meags. We have chosen the medium of "blog" to convey to you our most hilarious of jokes, due to our crippling fear of both public speaking and video cameras.

Now, we are no Johnnies-come-lately to the semi-professional joke-telling game. Lindy tells jokes semi-professionally for The Stranger and Meagan unprofessionally tells jokes to her coworkers. You should also know that we have been crafting jokes and good times together since our senior year of high school, where we met in a Shakespeare class.

"Fie! 'Tis lewd and filthy!" said Meagan.
"I wear not motley on my brain," said Lindy.

As you can see, our first meeting was fateful. And humorous. In fact, many have compared it to When Harry Met Sally. Except more lesbian. So, more like When Harry Met Nathaniel Hawthorne if they were both chicks. When Sally met Martina Navratilova?

It should come as no surprise, then, that our peers voted us "Most Likely to Make You Laugh" that year. Well, lots and lots of people voted for Meagan. Almost no one voted for Lindy. BUT! After one of the winners was disqualified (having already been crowned "Most Inspirational"), Lindy rocketed into 4th place with an unheard-of 7 votes to a resounding schoolwide: "Who is that?" Are we most likely making you laugh with the posting of this blog? Why not make Lindy and Meags most likely to make you laugh while you kill time at your shitty job?

So let this blog be your first stop for impressions of the hilarious variety, uproarious collections of moustaches, and observatory observationalisms. Did we mention that we're ladies? We've got notebooks full of menses and mother-in-law jokes! We don't like Mondays! Take that, Christopher Hitchens!

Wanna talk to us? Why not email lindyandmeags AT gmail.com and see what happens!