Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repent While Ye May

A couple of weeks ago I sent my dad the link for these two YouTube clips. Parodies are almost never funny (I'm peeking at you, MadTV), but these did cause a chuckle to escape ("OK, can we get some of those pills that Cindy McCain stole from that charity?").

Here's my dad's response. Seriously.

Dear Liberal Young Person:

Gay marriage is evil.

Using marijuana is evil under all circumstances—use alcohol like the rest of us. May I recommend Vodka?

Cindy McCain has a lot of pain due to her glamorous hair style and having to have heterosexual relations with a fossil—thankfully they’re married (even though it got off to an adulterous start, more pills please). Stealing from a charity is an oxymoron since: a) everything they have is donated; and, b) they give everything away anyway so WTF?

Shut up and read your Bible, if you can read. Repent while ye may.

Holier than thou,

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Hester said...

your dad should be president of your blog