Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Ironic!

There was an article about Meghan McCain in the latest issue of GQ (which I read religiously due to my love of vaginas and my interest in getting closer to them). Some highlights include:

Meghan’s parents, Senator John and Cindy McCain, bought her this loft around the time she graduated from Columbia University last spring, and the interior looks like a spaceship furnished by West Elm. There’s a giant silver chimney that extends out of her fireplace into the ceiling about twenty feet above. Across the living room is a very stylish and very uncomfortable-looking pod chair. And then there’s Meghan’s prized tchotchke of the moment: a skull that, when you open its mouth, reveals a clock.

“You like it, right?” she asks, opening it for me. “Because I told my friends I’d throw it away if the GQ guy didn’t like it. I totally love it, though! It’s ironic!”

Not to mention:

“He’s a rock star,” she says of [Barack Obama]. “Everybody flipped out, but I think universally women find him attractive. Whatever.”

By the time we arrive at Garduño’s, the discussion has moved on to the Romney brothers’ dad, Mitt. It’s two days after he suspended his run, and we’re trying to puzzle out why voters never really got around to liking the guy.

“Mitt didn’t keep it real,” Meghan says, munching on a nacho chip.
She graduated from Columbia.

More of Meghan McCain's stunning genius can be found here and of course here.


NoPoMo said...

Color me shocked that you didn't quote:

"we've got Brimley!"


Meags said...

You should be shocked! I'm ashamed.