Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whether Large or Small

From Lindy:

"I was picking up some Chinese food at 50th and the Ave, when a hobo in a red hat started following me. 'Say, girl, you single?' he said. 'Say, girl, you lookin' goooood.' When I ignored him, he followed up with, 'I want to go on a date witchoo. Let me take you out.'"

Hobo. Please. Where are we going to go? Did you get tickets to the garbage fire?

But would it be so bad if the invitation had come from "The Littlest Hobo"?:

I think no.


Anonymous said...

thanks. this is my new karaoke song. so dynamic.

Steven Blum said...

i have five tickets to the garbage fire, which is really fame meets shrek the musical meets the goonies meets my orgasm. you're missin'!