Friday, August 8, 2008


Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture, apparently. The Olympics Opening Ceremony is tonight. China makes me nervous. I don't like that China owns 24% of the United States' treasury notes. I don't like that dirt cloud that they've created over south Asia.

In any event, that won't stop us from reporting all the excitement live from China, right Today show??

Ann Curry just said, "If you're Chinese, and over a billion people are, then today could be the most fortuitous Friday in 100 years."

She could be talking to you! Were you aware that over a billion of all humans are Chinese?!

Fucking stupid retarded dumb asshole Ann Curry.


Anonymous said...

this is a really wonderful post, especially all those bombs you dropped at the end. Guess it's not a lucky day for those of us who aren't chinese, or can't wear Bob Mackie designs.

Meags said...

Ann Curry brings out a rage in me that cannot be matched.

Anonymous said...

Semi PRO humor. I don't know. semi pro. just kind of funny. yeah. i'm kind of bored right now.