Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dear Baby,

Hey little blog baby. Well, it's me. Your dad. If you're reading this letter, congratulations! It means I finally decided that I love you. I know I haven't been around that much since you were born. I know I spent so much money on fresh kicks and Neil Diamond tickets that you had to go to school wearing a barrel with suspenders attached and eat one bean with a knife and fork. I'm really sorry about that. I left most of the parenting up to your mom, and she did a great job. She's a great lady, your mom. But I just want you to know, baby, from the bottom of my heart, that taking care of a baby is women's work. Do I look like a woman to you? I know you don't know, because you're a baby, and also you're a blog so you don't technically have eyeballs or consciousness. But I'm all man. And now I'm ready to man up and make you, my baby blog, #3 on my priority list. Right below Fantasy Football and Jessica Alba's butt. And pizza. So #4. You'll always be my #4, baby. Never forget that.

Your dad,
Ronald Himmelhaver



Meags said...

You know, I ain't mad atcha, Ronald. I know you were Too Young to Be a Dad.

tyler said...

you mother fuckers your ronald himmelhave is my dad you fucking bitch and he has been a grate father to me and money when life is all said and done dose not matter.
maybe if you didn't wright about things that you don't know about you would not be a complete fucking retard i hope you get shot in the face.