Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Your Most Precious Keepsakes

Awhile ago, I was looking to help heal the political rift between my mother and me by purchasing her a clever Barack Obama t-shirt. Instead, I came across something even better.

Yes. A Barack Obama Secret Muslim Keepsake Box.

For some reason, the online proprietor of the Barack Obama Secret Muslim Keepsake Box has discontinued sales of the item, thereby destroying my dream of giving the best Secret Santa gift ever.

To contextualize, some enterprising young bigot used Barack Obama's most flattering secret Muslim picture:

And then glued it on the top of a keepsake box.

It got me thinking. What would I put in my Barack Obama Secret Muslim Keepsake Box?

1) My (dog-eared!) copy of Mein Kampf
2) My WWJD bracelet
3) A signed first edition of The O'Reilly Factor for Kids ("Almost everybody watched the TV show Friends on NBC. Unfortunately, some kids think that's what real friends are like. Of course, we can learn a lot of things from our Friends on television, but sitcoms are very different from real life.")
4) Another, smaller, Barack Obama Secret Muslim Keepsake Box

Let the eagle soar,

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Molly said...

The New Yorker nailed it!