Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meags' Ad Watch Continues

I've been seeing this commercial alot lately:

It's part of a series of commercials where the two overweight dudes bully the effeminate one who apparently won't rest until he has fag-ified the oh-so-tough brand image that Mike's Hard Lemonade apparently enjoys.

Just a thought, Mike's Hard Lemonade, but you might want to reconsider alienating your loyal fan base of 19 year-old girls and homosexuals (or any combination thereof) in an attempt to woo heterosexual men. Heteros aren't exactly known for their affinity for flavored malt beverages. If they were, my boyfriend's fridge would be full of Bacardi Breezers.


Adam said...

My darling, you know my fridge is still packed with those cases of Zima I stockpiled 12 years ago. Plus, I heard Zima turns into Mike's Hard Lemonade if you let it age long enough.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I had Adam pegged as more of a wine spritzer type of guy. Guess I was wrong.

Meags said...

Listen, flavored malt beverages are totally different than wine spritzers. That's why we get crunk on Arbor Mist.

Anonymous said...

okay i finally watched this ad. I don't really want to hear about 'hard' lemonade. Makes me feel creepy.