Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Namaste or something

I was doing yoga this morning and I was dismayed to discover a rather long leg hair right behind my knee. Not long like, oops! Missed a spot! More like, oops! Missed a spot 4000 times!

Anyway, it reminded me of a class I took awhile ago from a lady hippie. Some people seem to really hate hippies, but I don't mind them. They keep a dolphin company. They eat salad for breakfast. And most importantly, they've got tofu the size of Texas.

But this hippie was different. This lady hippie had armpits full of hair. This didn't disgust me, necessarily. I was moreso bothered by her lack of originality. I mean, it's 2008! You are not Erykah Badu! Can't we think of a better way, as ladies, to subvert the dominant paradigm? Can't we be more clever in the ways in which we cast off the oppression of this patriarchal society? Broads: Surely there is a bigger world out there than our mammalian right to grow hair under our arms.

It's kind of like a lady keeping her maiden name after she gets married. I think it's a grand plan, but it just doesn't pack the same punch as it did 20 years ago. I recently read this book called I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley. She wrote an essay about a friend of hers who, when she got married, changed her last name to "Universe" instead of taking her husband's name. Now that's commitment, friends.

In closing, hippie, I suggest you get creative with your feminism. Why not ask your boyfriend to shave off all of his body hair? What about doubling up on the shoulder pads in your power suit? Wait! What made one dollar for every dollar a man made in the workplace? Holy shit. Did the back of your tiny head just explode??

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We all Three said...

strong words. women should be constantly pursing equal rights, and this includes letting others understand that the idea of shaving was created by people who wanted women to feel uncomfortable with their natural bodies. The idea of not shaving for me, has been a foundation of my feminism, not shaving changes you. You get made fun of, people point, other women laugh at you, its a hard thing to do. But for me I think it's helped me realize how fleeting most of my upkeep really is and how wasteful it is in time and effort. You saying that me not shaving is "unoriginal" is offending because it seems like you think I do it to look a certain way. But I do it to not look a certain way. I respect your opinion know that it is shared by MANY people. Why not just accept women who dont shave as equals and try to ignore our bodies and pay attention to our minds , instead of trying to tear down our purpose. Thank you